Workout Routines For Toning

Strength circuits make great workout routines for toning up. But you have to choose your exercises well to ensure you get the right benefit from the training session.

The workout should include exercises and sets that aim for strength endurance, which means your sets should be 15 to 25 repetitions in total. There are many great workout routines for toning, but the circuit below is based on home fitness exercises that do not require any special equipment, only a pair of dumbbells. This means they can be done at home or on the go if you travel around for work and can’t get to a gym.

Before we get on to the actual circuit, it’s worth noting that part of toning requires an awareness of your body composition. If you’re carrying a fairly thick layer of excess fat, then you’ll never notice the benefits of your toning workouts. So you should think about your nutrition as well.

The Home Fitness Circuit Routine

The following 12 exercises should be completed in order, one after the other, with 30 seconds rest between each exercise.

The 12 exercises make up 1 circuit, and this circuit should be completed 3 times. So you’ll be performing 36 sets in total.

With 30 seconds rest, the entire routine should last around 45 minutes depending on your fitness level and speed at which you perform each set.

However, if it’s your first circuit, you’ll probably want to take it easy to start with. Start off performing only 2 circuits, and maybe rest for 45 to 60 seconds between sets instead. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll gain strength and stamina, and how quickly you’ll tone up. Anyway, see the circuit below.

Progression With Your Workout Routines for Toning

After only a few weeks, maybe a month or so, you’ll be able to complete 3 circuits of the above exercises (with only 30 seconds rest) with relative ease.

So you’ll want to challenge yourself more. If you don’t your training will become stagnant and you’ll soon get bored.

To challenge yourself, start off by adding a fourth circuit but maintain the 30 second rest between sets. It’s not really worth going over an hour though, if you’re ultimate goal is to tone up.

Then, once this becomes easy, try replacing some of the easier exercises for harder ones. With experience you’ll know which exercises you cruise through and which ones you don’t.

Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever do those exercises again. It’s just good to change things around now and again, so your training doesn’t become stagnant and your body doesn’t become used to the stress. Another good method to make the workouts tougher is to increase your speed of repetitions. That doesn’t mean going at it like you’re possessed, and certainly not to the point where you are at an increased risk of injury, but just up the pace a little.

As mentioned above, you might wish to consider a workout routine to shed some excess fat. Take a look at these HIIT Cardio workouts. You could perform your strength endurance circuit and HIIT training on alternate days (but ensure you have at least 1 or 2 days rest each week!).