Top Reasons Why Running is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Ask several health buffs and chances are you’ll get different answers to the question ‘what is the best exercise to lose weight?” But there’s a good chance that running will be mentioned when the topic of the best weight loss exercise is discussed. Running, after all, burns calories fast. It is also ideal for people wanting to shed unwanted pounds fast but having second thoughts restricting their diet. Here are some of the best reasons why running is the most ideal exercise for weight loss.

The main idea behind weight loss is to shed as many calories as possible. This could be achieved either by reducing the calorie intake through diet, or increasing caloric burn by performing exercises like walking, swimming and running. The number of calories that you can burn from running may vary depending on factors like your weight and the distance that you covered.

Health experts who recommend running for people wanting to lose weight say the best way to maximize the weight loss potential of the exercise is to incorporate speed work or interval training. This means running at a very fast pace for a couple of minutes. Sprints can quickly burn calories, aside from increasing muscle mass and boosting the body’s resting metabolism.

The body continues to burn calories while at rest after a long running session. According to numerous studies, like running can result to higher afterburn, or the burning of calories post-exercise. This is likely to due to the elevated resting energy expenditure after running.

Running is Convenient and Efficient

Anyone can run anywhere, and at almost anytime of the day. Although many runners these days are so dependent with their G

PS-enabled devices to keep track of the distance and time they’ve covered, the bare truth is that running doesn’t need these gadgets. In fact, the only thing needed in running is a good pair of athletic shoes. Since it is cheap and accessible, running appeals to just about anyone regardless of age, gender and profession.

Running also allows one to make use of his or her time efficiently. Compared to walking, running enables a person to burn twice as much calories. Most people can run up to two times as far as they can walk during a certain amount of time. And while other super-intense workouts can burn a lot of calories, the short period of time that these workouts take result to a lesser amount of calories expended as compared to running.

Running is Addicting

Runner’s high pertains to a state of euphoria after a runner completes a certain distance. In a way, this feeling helps runners become more committed to this activity. The joy that a runner feels after a good hour or two of running is a major reason why he or she would run again the next morning. Unlike other exercises, running is addicting. This is a compelling reason why running is considered the best exercise to lose weight.