Eating As A Way To Lose Weight After Child Birth

The months following childbirth will be some of the happiest of your life however they will doubtless be some of the most exhausting as well and you may find it nearly impossible to find the time to contemplate shedding pounds. With a brand new baby to look after you may be forgiven for putting the issue of losing post pregnancy pounds to the back of your mind for the moment however it ought to be among your priorities. It has been demonstrated by several scientific studies that any extra pregnancy weight that isn’t lost after 6 months becomes increasingly hard to get rid of and can cause additional weight gain in future pregnancies.

Eating as a way to lose weight after child birth

Post pregnancy weightloss is essentially the same as weight reduction at any other time. By concentrating on the essentials of a good healthy diet that is low in fat, sugar and salt and contains plenty of fruit and vegetables you’ll be able to lose weight. Drinking plenty of water to help you to lose weight after giving birth is another good idea because it helps to keep you properly hydrated, aids digestion of food and is good for your skin. Drinking green tea can assist weight loss after child birth because it is one of the things which will help to accelerate one’s metabolism so that you can burn off more calories everyday.

Breastfeeding to lose weight after pregnancy

Breastfeeding your little one is one of the best ways to shed weight following childbirth. It will help to use up the stores of fat which the body has acquired over the preceding 9 months and it is undoubtedly one of the important factors in regaining your former shape.

Exercise as a way to lose weight after childbirth

Exercising has a critical role to play in losing weight at any time and this is true of post pregnancy slimming as well. Working out helps you to burn off unwanted calories in addition to strengthening muscles that may not have been used much for the previous few months. Many individuals try yoga for losing weight following child birth although any form of exercise is great provided that it gets you active and moving about.

Goal setting for post pregnancy weight loss

It is very important be sensible and realise that you will not get your figure back in just a few short weeks unlike the celeb moms who you often see looking as skinny as ever less than a month after having a baby. These women have got a group of doctors and personal trainers working for them and unless you have the same you should set reasonable targets. You should aim to lose one pound a week when you begin your new weight-loss and exercise regimen as this rate of weight reduction allows the body time to adapt to its new shape.

You will discover some great post pregnancy weight loss tips on the net such as what & when to eat to assist in your weight loss goals and information about sleeping and losing weight after pregnancy.

Best Way to Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight is not to rush into the latest diet . Instead you need to see weight loss as a major project such as buying and moving into a new house in a different suburb. Such a move would change your life permanently; so should losing weight. Start this major project-your weight loss program when you have time to plan and organize yourself. You need time to write out menus, shop and cook. Or you may choose to have low calorie pre-cooked meals delivered to you.

The best way to lose weight starts with examining your own situation, your own feelings. Are there emotional issues that have stopped you succeeding in the past? Have your feelings caused you to self-sabotage? Do you eat to stop feelings of anxiety, sadness or even anger? Perhaps there are more complex reasons. One woman was sexually abused by her father, married at 18 to escape her father , and was physically abused by her husband whom she later divorced. She realized that her fat body was a suit of armor to protect her from men. Another woman grew up listening to her father constantly commenting about womens superficial attributes, praising women who were slim and pretty. She rebelled against her fathers shallow evaluation of women by becoming obese. If you think that there may be emotional issues that lead you to eating too much food, consider having counseling from a psychologist ,psychotherapist or psychiatrist who specializes in weight issues. Many therapists also conduct hypnosis which has proven to very helpful to some people as an aid to weight loss.

The best way to lose weight involves physically setting yourself up for success. Clean the pantry and refrigerator. Get rid of all fattening food that you know wont suit your diet. You are not giving up your favourite fattening food forever , but just for the early weeks when you want fast weight loss to keep you motivated. Get support. Find a friend to share the weight loss journey with you. Choose carefully. Find someone who has a positive attitude, not someone who will whine and complain or persuade you its OK to give up. Perhaps join a weight loss group where you can meet others and lose weight together. The advantage of a group is that you can learn from others and be inspired by their success. A disadvantage may be that attending meetings may be too time-consuming of you have a tight schedule.

The best way to lose weight involves committing to long term change. Create new habits or you will fall back on the old habits which caused you to gain weight. Rome was not built in a day; there is no need to expect that you will change everything immediately. Start with a small change which through repetition becomes a habit. If you dont usually eat breakfast, then commit to eating breakfast every day. A simple meal with fibre and protein is a good start. A bowl of cereal with low fat milk and a piece of fruit will do. Here are some good habits to create, one at a time.

Meditate every morning. Mediation will center you, keep you calmer and help you eat more mindfully. If you dont know how to meditate, buy a CD that teaches you.

Do some exercise every day. Start with walking around the block. If it is too cold or wet to walk outside, walk up and down the hallway at home or up and down the stairs if you have any.

Eat breakfast.

Wherever possible, choose to walk up and down stairs rather than use the escalator or lift.

Use low fat or skim milk in your tea or coffee.

There is good information about diet and exercise on the Healthy-weight-loss-guide website. Browse this site. Depending on your age and sex, there may be factors such as the metabolic syndrome or menopause that have an effect on your weight loss. Good luck!

Bench Press Workout

The following bench press workout is for the beginner who wishes to increase their muscular size and strength.

For other training sessions, see the growing list of workout routines and copy or modify them to suit your own training goals. We’re all different and we all have our own ultimate goals, so tweak them where necessary to suit your requirements.

As I always mention, fitness and exercise is more than lifting weights or being able to running 30 miles across the fells. It is about eating the right foods also. Following a well balanced diet will go a long way! Without it, you’ve no chance.

Do you think a fell runner could achieve such feats of endurance living off pork scratching and beer? Definitely not!

And the same goes for the weightlifter. If you want to see an increase in your lean muscle mass and strength, then your body is going to need an appropriate diet. See this article for ideas on How to Gain Weight.

Anyway, on to the workout . . .

Bench Press Workout

The following workout revolves around two exercises: the flat bench barbell press and incline bench barbell press.

You will carry out 2 warm up sets of 20 then 15 repetitions followed by 3 working sets for each exercise (15, 12, and 10 repetitions). This probably doesn’t sound very much, but they are the staple exercises for most bodybuilding chest routines. And if you work your sessions hard, that is perform each set to muscle failure, you’ll certainly feel it over the following two or three days!

Only perform this routine once per week. It will force your muscles to grow and strengthen . . . but only if you let it! By this I mean you have to give your muscles rest and recuperation. Some R and R.

If you don’t, your muscles won’t have time to repair and hence won’t grow. Hard Training plus sound nutrition plus rest and recuperation equals growth. Omit any single one of these and you just won’t make lean muscle gains.

Progression in your Bench Press Workout

You should keep a log or diary of every training session you do. Each week try to increase the number of repetitions you do for each set. After a few weeks, when you’re adding 1 or 2 repetitions to every set, up the amount of weight on the bar to bring you repetitions back down to the suggested range.

After a few months of this, with a good muscle foundation, mix things up a little by substituting an exercise for dumbbell presses.

You’ll soon see the lean muscle and strength gains you are after!