How to Cut Down on Calories

Losing weight is easier than you might think. Forget the fad diets, and start thinking calorie deficit, the only true way to lose your fat.

If you want to lose weight then you have to be in calorie deficit. This means that you must consistently burn off more calories than you consume through the food you eat. It’s as simple as that. This is the key principle to weight loss.

But there are various ways to calorie deficit. One way, an easy way, is to cut down on calories.

How to cut down on calories to lose weight

You have to control your calorie intake to lose weight, so cutting down on calories is a good start for your efforts.

Whether you want to lose a stone or 5 stone, the principle is the same.

For starters you have to cut out the junk calories, so consuming foods like chocolate, cake, sweets, and fizzy drinks is a real sin in terms of your diet.

If you really can’t eliminate them entirely (though you should give it a real good go during the weight loss phase of your diet) then you should at least save them for the occasional treat.

Maybe save them for key milestones during your weight loss phase, such as every time you lose half a stone.

Next you should reduce your starchy food intake. This includes foods such as rice, pasta, pizza, potatoes, and bread. You shouldn’t cut them out entirely, as they are a fantastic source of fuel and nutrients, but you should reduce the size of your portions, and also the frequency that you eat them if they make up a large part of your diet.

Starchy foods such as these are high in carbohydrate calories, and if you don’t burn off these carbs they will be converted in to fat and subsequently stored under your skin and around your organs.

Boosting your calorie deficit to lose weight fast

The greater your calorie deficit the quicker you will lose weight, but you shouldn’t but your calories by more than 500 to 700 calories below your average daily requirement (the average daily requirement for women is 2000 calories and for men 2500 calories).

So you will have to find another way to boost your calorie deficit. Exercise!

Really, if you want to lose weight fast then you will have to add exercise to your routine. It will really boost your deficit, and therefore the speed that you strip back the fat.

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